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Twitter (or X) for B2B: 4 Best Practices

Twitter or X as it is now known is for celebrities right? Or at least politicians? Who is really on Twitter for business? We get these questions frequently. The answer is that while celebs and politicians certainly use Twitter, business people are using it too for a variety of reasons which we will outline below.

Similar to other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest, Twitter has a huge user base. In fact, according to Twitter, the platform has about 330 million users and 500 million tweets are launched daily. That size alone would indicate that users are there for business too. Twitter has been in existence since 2006 so it a dinosaur in social media years.

In fact, for B2B, we recommend that our clients use LinkedIn first and then Twitter as a close second. Twitter allows you to follow the latest industry trends, promote and share and engage with others in your community. If you are not on Twitter, the platform makes it easy to set up a profile and will take you through the steps.

Once on Twitter, here are four best practices on using Twitter for B2B and business in general.

1. Follow your prospects: Chances are with the statistics above, your prospects are on Twitter. Input their name into the top right search bar and see if they come up. Following a prospect allows you to see what they are tweeting and is flattering. Twitter is a public profile unless a person chooses to keep a profile private so it is fine to follow them.

2. Determine your industry's key hashtags: Hashtags are keywords with the # sign in front and they allow you to search on a topic that interests you. If you are selling social media management services then you would be interested in following the hashtag #socialmedia and #socialmediamanagement.

3. Identify and follow the profiles and hashtags of relevant tradeshows and conferences. These days, most conferences have their own Twitter profiles and corresponding hashtags to allow exhibitors, attendees and the press to follow the show profile and stay up to date on the latest news. Often, during keynote and panel discussions, attendees will tweet relevant takeaways from the presentation. The hashtag will also allow you to connect with others and possibly set up meetings for the show.

4. Join the Twitter conversation: Do you have a product to promote? Company news to share? Or maybe you wish to share a blog post or news article to show your interest and expertise in your industry. Twitter is a great way to share information and if you use the right hashtag your tweets will be easily found. A good rule of thumb is to promote your own content and products about ten percent of the time. The rest should be sharing others' content.

Just getting started? As a CT Marketing Agency that works with both large and small clients we are happy to help you establish a solid social media presence that delivers results and results in sales for your B2B business. Contact us today for a consultation.

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